Directory Management

What is Directory Management? It’s making sure your business is listed on every online directory, search engine, review and social site on the internet. Why is it so important? Being listed correctly is the most basic fundamental necessity every business needs. You can spend all the money you want on marketing and advertising, but that means absolutely nothing if your customers cannot easily locate you on the worldwide web.

Some questions you might be asking yourself are…

How does my business appear on the web?

Does my info need to be updated?

How do I check my listings?

At Mascia Media, we made it very simple to check your Business Listing Score. By integrating over 100 directories into one platform, it is now super easy for a business owner to check how they are appearing on the web. Do you have 30 seconds to improve your business? Scroll down and Run a Free Listing Scan to get started. After inputting your business name, address and phone number, you will be given an inaccuracy score out of 100%. Don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself, we promise you will be surprised with the results:

How do we fix this?

(1) Get Noticed: Mascia Media populates your data on every directory in our system with the correct information. This means you will now appear on every directory you were previously not listed on and also ensures your info is correct on all the directories you were listed on.

(2) Data is Everything: We lock in your data so it cannot be changed unless you would like it to be. This prevents anyone from being able to change your info no matter how many times they suggest an edit.

(3) Direct Integrations: Lastly, our team syncs your data across these 100 directories. If you would like us to change something simple like your business hours, every directory will update at once instead of logging into 100 different sites. It gives you the piece of mind knowing you never have to worry about your info ever being wrong again!